Portfolio – Flash Design

Here are some examples of collaborative and independant efforts, in Flash.

Genworth – COC Map

Designed map artwork and interface, creating layers of dynamic input templates that were populated with data from XML files. Worked with backend developer to integrate XML functionality, upon completion of UI shell and created UI skin for mobile friendly version of map.

Keith Bryant Online

Designed layout, artwork and navigation, using initial template. Multiple sections and multimedia were added to orignal layout, along with customized imagery and self-produced mixes of promotional audio pieces. My SEO optimization brought the website, at the time it was live, to the top of search engine results.

Genworth – LTCi Campaign

Designed multi-layered campaign using Flash, to drive interest in updated Cost of Care LTC Insurance data. Collaborating with the creative team, we developed these pieces which are a fresh direction for GNW’s marketing initiatives.

Flash Banners

Here’s a sampling of some of my Flash banner work, illustrating some different approaches to animating artwork for web use.

More Flash Banners

Here’s a recent batch of Flash banners, used to promote the Cost of Care initiative, using creative non-sequiturs to engage the user.